A Modified Reverse Engineering Approach Using Bezier Curve Approximation

  • Mustafa Saad Ayoob Al-Khazraji College of Engineering, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad – Iraq
Keywords: Reverse Engineering, Bezier Curve, Surface Modelling, Redesign procedure


Reverse Engineering is a process of re-producing existing parts by obtaining digital models using a special data taken from the original parts using specific techniques. It can be used to redesign existing parts either due to lost data or the parts are no longer available. In this paper, surface modelling technique using special data taken from CMM (Coordinate Measuring Machine) was employed to redesign a candle holder. Specific MATLAB code was generated to model the data taken from the surface of a candle holder made of glass. Bezier curve technique was implemented in this research to model the curve of the outer surface of the candle holder. Various orders of Bezier curves were discussed and used to give better approximation of the original data curve with error percentage monitoring each time. The thickness of the candle holder was reduced from 5mm to 3mm and the volume reduction was calculated. The amount of reduction in the glass volume when reducing the thickness was found to be 210mm3. In addition, the amount of increase in the area of glass section was calculated to be 138.5mm2. This reduction gives a better vision of the amount of glass saved using this procedure. Two different shapes were found and plotted by varying the control points coordinates.

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