Investigation of Raman Amplification In Photonic Crystal Fibers

  • R. S. Fyath Department of Computer Engineering, Nahrain University, Baghdad-Iraq
  • Zahraa M. Ali Kamil Department of Laser and Electro-optic Engineering, University of Technology,
Keywords: Raman Amplification, Photonic Crystal


In this paper, Raman amplification characteristics in photonic crystal fibers (PCFs) are investigated in details. Performance comparsion between PCF-based Raman amplifier and other conventional fiber-based counterparts is presented. The simulated results reported here can be used as a guide line to

design PCF-based Raman amplifier that outperforms the conventional fiber amplifiers. Raman gain as high as 33 dB can be obtained with a well designed PCF even at low pump power of 300 mW.

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