H-infinity Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Human Swing Leg System

  • Hazem I. Ali Control and Systems Engineering Dept., University of Technology Baghdad–Iraq.
  • Azhar Jabbar Abdulridha Assistant Lecturer
Keywords: Human Swing Leg System, Full State Feedback Controller, H-infinity, Sliding Mode Control (SMC), Uncertain System


In this paper, the H-infinity Sliding Mode Control (HSMC) is designed to produce a new dynamic output feedback controller for trajectory tracking of the nonlinear human swing leg system. The human swing leg system represents the support of human leg or the humanoid robot leg which is usually modeled as a double pendulum. The thigh and shank of a human leg is represented by two pendulum links and the hip joint will connect the upper body to the thigh and the knee joint will connect the thigh to the shank. The external torques (servo motors) are applied at the hip and knee joints to move the muscles of thigh and shank. The results show that the HSMC can robustly stabilize the system and achieve a desirable time response specification better than if only H-infinity or SMC is used. This controller achieves the following specifications:  sec,  for hip joint and sec, for knee joint.

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Ali, H., & Abdulridha, A. (2020). H-infinity Sliding Mode Controller Design for a Human Swing Leg System. Al-Nahrain Journal for Engineering Sciences, 23(2), 117-126. https://doi.org/10.29194/NJES.23020117