Estimation of Optimum Conditions for Cadmium Removal from Contaminated Soil using Electro-Kinetic Remediation

  • Ahmed Alaa Hussein Environmental Eng. Dep., Al-Mustansiriyah University
Keywords: Soil pollution, Cadmium removal, Electro-kinetic, pH, Soil remediation


The aim of this laboratory study is to estimate the best initial pH of purging solution for cadmium clean-up from an artificially contaminated soil using electro-kinetic cell. An efficiency enhancement scheme was employed involving pH control and injection wells as a part of the investigative program. Seven tests were performed at different pH controlled in the anode, cathode and injection wells start from 2 to 8. Sandy loam soil was contaminated with cadmium concentration equal to 2000 mg/kg and an initial moisture content equal to 30%. The duration of remediation was seven days with a potential gradient of 1.2 V/cm. The experimental results showed that the best removal efficiency was 62.8% at pH=3.

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