Increasing the Performance of the Iterative Computed Tomography Image Reconstruction Algorithms


  • Shimaa Abdulsalam Khazal Electronic and Communications Engineering, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq.
  • Mohammed Hussein Ali Electronic and Communications Engineering, Al-Nahrain University, Baghdad, Iraq.



ART, Computed tomography, Shepp-Logan, Iterative Reconstruction, Seeded region growing


Computed tomography (CT) imaging is an important diagnostic tool. CT imaging facilitates the internal rendering of a scanned object by measuring the attenuation of beams of X-ray radiation. CT employs a mathematical technique of image reconstruction; those techniques are classified as; analytical and iterative. The iterative reconstruction (IR) methods have been proven to be superior over the analytical methods, but due to their prolonged reconstruction time, those methods are excluded from routine use in clinical applications. In this paper the reconstruction time of an IR algorithm is minimized through the employment of an adaptive region growing segmentation method that focuses the image reconstruction process on a specified region, thus ignoring unwanted pixels that increase the computation time. This method is tested on the iterative algebraic reconstruction technique (ART) algorithm. Some phantom images are used in this paper to demonstrate the effects of the segmentation process. The simulation results are executed using MATLAB (version R2018b) programming language, and a computer system with the following specifications: CPU core i7 (2.40 GHz) for processing. Simulation results indicate that this method will reduce the reconstruction time of the iterative algorithms, and will enhance the quality of the reconstructed image.


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