Low-Cost Prosthesis for People with Transradial Amputations

  • Hneen Mahdi Jaber mechanical engineering
  • Mohammed A. Mohammed Mechanical Eng. Dep., Al-Nahrain University
  • Nabel Kadhim Abd al-Sahib
Keywords: Prosthetic Hand, Transradial Amputations, Gear Box, Polou


Prosthetic is an artificial tool that replaces part of the human frame absent because of ailment, damage, or distortion. The current activities in Iraq draw interest to the upper limb discipline because of the growth in variety of amputees and. It is necessary to do extensive researches in this subject to help lessen the struggling of patients. This paper describes the design and development of low-cost prosthesis for people with transradial amputations. The presented design involves a hand with five fingers moving by means of a gear box mechanism. The design of this artificial hand allows five degrees of freedom(5DOF), one degree of freedom for each finger. The artificial hand works by an actuation system (6V) Polou motor with gear ratio equal to 50:1 due to its compactness and cheapness. The designed hand was manufactured by a 3D printing process using polylacticacid material (PLA). Some experimental were accomplished using the designed hand for gripping objects. Initially the EMG signal was recorded when the muscle contracted in one second, two seconds, three seconds. The synthetic hand was able to produce range of gesture and grasping moves separately just like the actual hand by using KNN classification which are complete hand Pinch, fist, and jack chuck.  The simulation of the fingers movements was achieved using ANSYS software to analysis the movement (pinch, fist, and jack chuck), obtain bested of stress influencer at each finger, and maximum deformation at each movement.

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Jaber, H., Mohammed, M., & Abd al-Sahib, N. (2020). Low-Cost Prosthesis for People with Transradial Amputations. Al-Nahrain Journal for Engineering Sciences, 23(2), 167-177. https://doi.org/10.29194/NJES.23020167