New Cities Design Policies as a Plan for Sustaining the City

  • Lubna R. Turky Alazzawi Department of Architecture, University of Technology, Baghdad, Iraq
Keywords: Urban Sustainability, Urban Growth, New City, Design Policy


The new cities design in Iraq has taken a unique dimensions with no clear policies or sustainable legislation to control it , the urban growth goes in reversed path from the center of the capital “Baghdad” to the edges and outskirts of the city which described as a reversed immigration .Also, the over growth habitats with the high land price problems made cities crowded from inside ready to explode to outside as the plans the government has put for years .All those major problems made a sustainable design policy suggestion urgent for the coming period of building new sustainable cities to sustain Baghdad and the other states in all Iraq in the future . The main problem research: is that “There isn’t a clear vision for a sustainable new cities design policies to sustain Iraqi cities”, and the hypothesis to solve the research problem is “using the sustainable policy elements in new cities design should be a national policy for sustaining the Iraqi cities in the future”. The research objective was to spot the light on the design policies used in planning the new cities in Iraq and to modify it for sustaining the city of Baghdad, The research has taken examples of planned not built cities with city under construction to measure the sustainable design policies that must be in future states and new cities all over Iraq . The results came positive for the case study cities that used a sustainable elements policy in the planning process. In conclusion, this research recommends to use sustainable design policies in future site planning process.

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