Studying of Laser Tissue Interaction Using Biomedical Tissue

  • Ansam M. Salman Laser and Optoelectronics Eng. Dep., Al Nahrain University
  • Amal F. Jaffar Middle Technical Univ., Institute of Medical Technology /Mansour
  • Alaa Ayyed Jabur Al-Taie Medical Eng. Dep., Al Nahrain University
Keywords: laser tissue interaction, many laser wavelengths, internal organs of rat


In our work, three internal regions of rat are exposed to four different lasers with different power density, and then studying the histology of the tissues. Together the total absorption and transmission of the tissues at certain wavelength were determined.
Changing the wavelength across the absorption peak caused a significant difference in laser tissue interactions and changing the absorption coefficient, relaxation time, generated heat, and the intensity as a function of penetration depth. Furthermore, little mechanical damage could be seen in conventional histology.