Harmonic Phase Shifter for Discrete Amplitude Modulation Technique

  • Anas Lateef Mahmood Electronic and Communications Engineering Nahrain University, College of Engineering,
  • Mohammed Tofik Lazim Philadelphia University, Department of Electrical Engineering, Jordan
Keywords: Harmonics, integral cycle control, power electronics, phase angle correction, phase, shifter


In discrete amplitude modulation or integral-cycle control, subharmonic and higher order harmonic components are generated in the three phases of a three phase system. These harmonic components are found to be unbalanced in phase displacement. The correction of the unbalanced phase displacement angles of a particular subharmonic or higher order harmonic for this type of triggering is investigated to solve the limitation of use of this important type of

control as a drive and many other industrial applications. The multiple of 2 phase shifting technique is used to correct unbalanced phase displacement angles produced in a three-phase system. A computer-based harmonic phase corrector is designed and tested with threephase resistive and induction motor loads. It is

found that there is a well agreement between the theoretical and experimental results and it is believed that the major problems associated with the integral-cycle triggering mode with three-phase ci

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